Inspiration can strike at the oddest times.

Tonight, my daughter asked if I had written a song I had been playing after dinner. It’s something that’s unfinished because parts of it were just humming and la-la-la.

“How do you write a song?” For me, I always start by messing around on the guitar (or tonight, the ukulele) until I’ve got something I like. I start humming over the guitar to find a tune and then I try and find words that match the melody in my head. Sometimes I have an idea or a phrase that I want to fit in, but it almost always starts with the music.

I wrote this song to show how it works.


Sometimes, I feel like a potato
All covered with dirt.
My eyes are always filled with soil
No, it don’t hurt.
I wait around for a shovel,
To come and dig me up.
I’m going to go swim in some oil,
And I’ll be, and I’ll be your french fry for your dinner.
I’ll be the french fry you’ll love.
I’ll be a french fry for your dinner.
I’ll be a french fry for you.

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