emacs: aron/git-grep

There are lots of suggestions how to expose git grep in emacs.

Here is mine, inspired by a recent blog post to oremacs. You are interactively asked for a search term and a pathspec; accepting the defaults will search for a symbol at your current cursor position across the entire git repository.

(defvar aron/git-grep-symbol-history nil
  "Internal variable for aron-grep; do not modify")
(defvar aron/git-grep-pathspec-history nil
  "Internal variable for aron-grep; do not modify")
(defun aron/git-grep (search-for pathspec)
  "Grep for a string in the current git repository."
  (interactive (list 
                (read-from-minibuffer "search for: "
                                      (thing-at-point 'symbol)
                                      nil nil
                (read-from-minibuffer "pathspecs: "
                                      nil nil
  (let ((default-directory (locate-dominating-file default-directory ".git")))
    ; We don't use the grep function directly because it doesn't offer much
    ; besides adding /dev/null in unpredictable ways. We have a fully runnable
    ; compilation command; just apply grep-mode to the result.
     (format "git --no-pager grep -nH --full-name --no-color -i -e '%s' -- %s"
             search-for pathspec)

If I just want to search Go files, use a pathspec of *.go; Javascript with *.js. I am occasionally unhappy that the search is case insensitive and may rewrite that bit.

My personal emacs key bindings often use C-z as a prefix (how is C-z useful to anyone in these modern times?). I have aron/git-grep bound to C-z j.

(defvar ctl-z-map (make-sparse-keymap) "Keymap for user extensions.")
(define-key ctl-z-map "j" 'aron/git-grep)

;; since we're changing the default meaning of C-z, add suspend back into the
;; fray with C-z C-z.
(define-key ctl-z-map "\C-z" 'suspend-emacs)

(global-set-key "\C-z" ctl-z-map)
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