I R what I R

I am two days late in posting about it, but as of Groundhog Day, I have rejoined the ranks of the employed.

I am a part of the team at RStudio, joining a number of former Brightcove colleagues.

As typical with new jobs, there’s a ton to learn: R and all its accompanying ecosystem, Angular, Bootstrap, Go. All this newness can be a bit intimidating, but I also find it invigorating – my eagerness to dig in and deeply understand all these new things drives me forward.

My first day was a snow day, the result of Boston’s most recent winter pummeling. So much of what RStudio creates is open and available in public GitHub repositories; I could easily get started in between shoveling breaks.

I love my blurb from the RStudio about page:

Aron is a software engineer with experience at a number of Boston-area startups. Most recently, he helped build the Brightcove video platform. He has Mathematics and Computer Science degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Aron grew up as part of a farming family and still adores apple cider donuts.

I’m glad to be promoting my love for apple cider donuts. It probably deserves a blog post of its own!