Girls and Legos? Absurd!

I have had a distaste for the Lego Friends collections ever since I first encountered them. They’ve created a specialty brand of Lego toys that caters to the Disney Princess set and promotes pastels and flower gardens as the way to a girl’s imagination. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have simply added more gender balance to their existing sets.

This webcomic made the rounds this week and suggests an alternative approach that I have long thought made sense.

Lego has always had tons of castles. Add princesses and sword maidens. Create Joan of Arc. Scatter women across all the collections and all the sets. Show us that Lego women, like real women, can do anything.

There are some sets, especially in their Creator and City lines which do a better job at having women and girls represented. Our family seeks out these more balanced kits.

The Research Institute set was amazing and, unfortunately, a surprise. Lego, please give us a world where we are no longer surprised by a kit with three women participating in scientific endeavors.

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